The Colquitt County Educational Foundation started taking shape in late 2019 when founding Board member Tim Powers felt burdened by some tough statistics. He learned that 85% of the school curriculum after 3rd grade is based on reading comprehension. To succeed, upper elementary students (and beyond) can no longer stay in the “learning to read” phase — they must enter the “reading to learn” stage in order to keep up in every subject area.

The reality that many of Colquitt County’s children were falling behind due to early elementary reading deficiencies sparked Tim to gather other folks in the local community that care and begin searching for solutions.

After a year of researching, evaluating, planning, and garnering massive community support, the Colquitt County Education Foundation was chartered in late 2020 with the initial goal of beginning a literacy mentoring program for children in grades K-3 by Fall 2021.

The Numbers

  • 85% of curriculum following 3rd grade is learned by reading.
  • Per a Yale study, 75% of students not reading at grade level by the end of 3rd grade never catch up and are 5x more likely to leave school without graduating.
  • According to the 2018-2019 Georgia Milestones Report, only 37.3% of Colquitt County 3rd graders were reading at or above grade level

If you want to work on the core of the problem, it’s early school literacy.

James L. Barksdale, “Framework for understanding poverty”

Our Challenges

Generational Poverty

49% of Colquitt County students are “economically disadvantaged” (Georgia Milestones)

Language Barrier

21% of Colquitt County students need additional instruction on the interpretation and use of the English language (Georgia Milestones)

Stress & Anxiety

The average child today exhibits the same level of anxiety as the average psychiatric patient in the 1950s (Robert Leahy, psychologist)

Education is the key to unlocking the world, a passport to freedom.

oprah winfrey

Our Plan

Partner with Local Schools

Alongside the Colquitt County Board of Education, the Foundation will create a literacy mentoring program with emphasis on reading assistance in grades K-3.

Launch a Mentoring Program

A similar program established in Bibb County in 2015 reported a 21% increase in the number of 3rd graders reading at or above level over a four year period.

Build Community Support

Volunteers and donors play a vital role in the success of the Foundation. By establishing a well-rounded body of support, we aim to meet and exceed the community’s needs.

Slow Summer Learning Loss

In partnership with the Moultrie-Colquitt County Library System, our mentoring program will serve students year-round to ensure the momentum continues.

Education is not the learning of facts, but the training of the mind to think.

albert Einstein